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size:   18g

Boost your mood and expand your cognitive well-being with Cookies Clarity capsules. Our Clarity Caps combine the exhilarating powers of organic, psilocybin-free Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms with precisely dosed THC, terpenes extracted from full-term cannabis flower, and all-natural guarana.

Usher in the latest revolution in plant medicine with Caps by Cookies. Bringing together organic, psilocybin-free mushrooms, cannabinoids, and cannabis-derived terpene blends, the 3-in-1 capsules offer a complete wellness supplement rooted in centuries-old natural healing practices.

Taking cues from ancient civilizations, modern botanists, and cutting-edge cannabis scientists,
Caps by Cookies embraces the therapeutic powers of non-hallucinogenic mushrooms mixed with isolated cannabinoids THC, CBN and terpene blends to enhance sleep, and daily cognitive function.

Using only mushrooms grown to full maturity and harvested without any starch or grain by industry leaders Nammex and capsules created by the innovative licensed manufacturers at Blue River, Cookies expands its expertise in all things cannabis into the world of fungi with a focus on synergistic natural medicines that really work.