Store Openings & Events

Farm to Table - Weed, Wine, and Fine Cuisine in Napa Valley - 6/24/2022

Celebrating California’s finest flavors in every form. To kick off the grand opening of Cookies Napa, Berner invited ten of our most loyal supporters and five members of our legendary campout crew to join him at a private estate for a five-star, six-course dinner from chef Chris Ratcliff alongside rich local wine and of course, craft cannabis, complete with curated flower and hash pairings.

As Cookies’ first private event pairing cannabis, wine, and food, Berner was passionate about showcasing the Napa Valley’s produce-forward farm-to-table cuisine and world-famous wines alongside a menu of perfectly paired joints, gravity bong hits, and limited edition hash rosin dabs from Frosty. We broke bread, exchanged game, and basked in the beauty of Northern California’s abundant natural luxuries. This may have been our first private tasting for Cookies supporters, but it definitely won’t be our last, so keep your eyes peeled for your opportunity to join Berner at our next exclusive event.