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The Bank Is Open

Join the Cookies fam and grow how we do.

Whether you’re a legacy cultivator pulling down 10 lighters or a brand new grower setting up your first backyard bags or basement tent, there’s nothing more important than genetics.

Starting your garden with the right seeds will put you on a path to a heavy, potent, and flavorful harvest and now you can work the same genetic lines we’ve been building for years and pop some of the world’s most exotic strains.

Available for delivery right to your door, the [Cookies Seed Bank] (

opens our vault to the public with never-before-seen cultivars like Elephant Trunk (Gary Payton x Sunset Sherbet), Murder Hornet (Big Face x Grape Gas), Spilt Paint (Runtz x Georgia Pie), and much, much more.

In addition to genetics straight from the Cookies Fam, we’re also curating an incredible selection of seeds from some of our best friends in the industry, including Powerzzzup, GasHouse, Terphogz, and Green House Seed Co.

If you’re looking for the first ever seed drop of GasHouse’s famed Pluto, the Cookies Seed Bank is the only place you’ll find it.

We are all about pushing the boundaries of genetic expression in the cannabis plant and opening our breeding projects up to growers around the world is one more step towards growing exotic strains across the world.