Marijuana Mania

Marijuana Mania Episode 9: New York City

New York City is on another level since cannabis legalization hit the Empire State, and with the Cookies SF flagship store now open on 34th street, you know Berner and the Cookies Fam had to hop on a flight and see the vibes across the five boroughs.

With recreational legalization now on the books but no fully licensed dispensaries yet open, NYC is the wild wild east of weed, with storefronts, folding tables, and delivery services running block work and exotics to every corner of the city, 24/7, all out in the open.

In an effort to soak in as much of the city’s cannabis culture as possible, Bern and the squad spent days trekking from deep Brooklyn and Queens to downtown Manhattan and back uptown to Harlem and the Bronx, meeting with kings and queens of the Big Apple scene like Branson, the Certz crew, Gumbo, Pizza Pusha, Astor Club, Hazy Haus, Styles P, Tony Yayo, SmokeUp212, The Smokers Club, and way more.

From the vendors in Washington Heights and Washington Square Park to smoked-out private dinners, heady lounges, countless dispensaries, and a whole lot more amazing food - take a two-hour journey into NYC’s newly birthed legal weed market.

Next time you’re in New York City stop by the Cookies SF flagship store at 958 Sixth Ave. in Manhattan and check out our City Spotlight for the breakdown of where to eat and explore.