Marijuana Mania

Marijuana Mania Episode 7: Damian Marley

Take a seat at the table with Berner, Jai, Marley, and Arjan as they discuss genetic selections and locations for breeding projects and pheno hunting that will eventually become Hurb. A partnership between Cookies, Marley, and Strain Hunters, Hurb will combine flavors from Jamaica’s famed landrace cultivars with Cookies’ deep strain roster, creating a brand new menu paying homage to the island.

From Ocho Rios to Trench Town, this episode follows the Cookies fam as they smoke as much of the finest island-grown herb as they can get their hands on, eat as much jerk chicken and fresh fish as humanly possible, find adventure on the side of the highway, plot the future of Hurb, and pay respects to Damian’s father, Bob Marley.

Get an insiders look at the Marley family, Jamaica’s renowned cannabis community, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the global debut of Hurb.