Cultivar & Grower Spotlights

New Drop - The Weeeed

Stay on the weeeeed

When Powerzzzup comes with a new cut of some fire, we stop everything and get to work.

From the same team that brought you Gary Payton, Cereal Milk, and more of your favorites comes The Weeeeed, a brand new cultivar from Cookies and Powerzzzup hitting Cookies and Lemonnade stores across California now.

Louder than a packed stadium, The Weeeeed comes from unknown lineage but packs a heavy yet balanced buzz that you won’t forget.

Terp profile is heavy on OG musk with earthy, herbal notes and a sour hashy aroma that will singe your nose hairs. Flavor is gas forward with notes of earth and a hint of tangy citrus on the back end.

Staying true to Powerzzzup’s sports obsession, The Weeeeed is named after legendary sportscaster Stephen A. Smith’s iconic and hilarious on-air commentary when he discusses cannabis.

Sorry Stephen A.- we can’t stay off this one!.

Pick up The Weeeeed at Cookies and Lemonnade stores throughout California right now.