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New Drop - Ridgeline Lantz

When we talk legacy genetics, we mean real legacy genetics.

Generations of Humboldt breeding projects come alive with one incredible strain.

Hitting California Cookies and Lemonnade stores across the Golden State right now, Ridgeline Lantz is a brand new cultivar years in the making from some of the Emerald Triangle’s most revered legacy cultivators.

Reeking of sweet candy and earthy pine as soon as the seal is broken and sparkling with platinum trichomes on rigid, dense purple buds, Ridgeline Lantz is an heirloom cross of two Emerald Cup winners, Green Lantern and Ridgeline Runtz, that’s been honed by the family farmers at Ridgeline Farms over more than four years of breeding.

Perfected in the legendary Humboldt hills, we’ve brought the Ridgeline Lantz genetics to our expert indoor cultivation partners at Madcow to produce immaculate indoor runs of the new strain, while our fam back in the Emerald Triangle is getting ready to drop super terpy batches of sungrown Ridgeline Lantz.

“Let the world enjoy a strain that took me and my pops years to create,” Ridgeline Farms owner Jason Gellman said. “This amazing strain was created from the hills of Humboldt county where I grew up growing the plant since I was a kid. We’re looking forward to hearing the feedback from all the true weed smokers.”

Ridgeline Farms owner Jason Gellman is a second-generation Southern Humboldt County cannabis grower with a passion for the plant that shows through in every flower. The terps hit different on this side of the hill.

Pick up Ridgeline Lantz now at Cookies and Lemonnade stores across California!