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Old school genetics refreshed for a new era - fire flavor unlike anything on the market.

Cookies is always focused on finding the next wave, not riding the last, and this time we’ve found something special.

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Bred in collaboration with Bodhi Seed Co., Congo Kashmir is a rare cross of a Congo mother and Kashmir father.

Congo Kashmir packs a terp profile popping with sweet and earthy jungle funk with a flavor that hits notes of earth, zest, and citrus.

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“The { Congo Kashmir } is in its own league, it’s unlike any other flavor profile on the market,” Berner said. “Lemon earthy gas with the candy exhale. I’ve smoked the traditional Congolese before and whatever the Kashmir brought to the table was magical. It’s important to pay attention to market trends as far as flavor & looks, but it’s also important to educate on what’s currently missing in the market. This is one of them…”

Pick up Congo Kashmir at Cookies and Lemonnade stores across California today!