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Grower Spotlight - SoHum Royal

Four Decades of Sun-Soaked Humboldt Fire

Tradition and innovation in the Humboldt hills. Southern Humboldt Royal is the definition of legacy, cultivating sun-powered craft cannabis on the same plot of land high above the majestic Mattole River in Honeydew, California since 1982. Focused on terpene-rich cultivars and ethical stewardship of the natural environment, the SoHum Royal family is passing down a purpose through generations of sustainable farmers dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Emerald Triangle’s historic cannabis trade and providing California with the finest cannabis soil and sun have to offer.

This season, SoHum Royal is bringing the heat with a fresh batch of Cry Baby hitting shelves at California Cookies and Lemonnade stores right now. With a terp profile busting out the bag with the aroma of heavy gas and citrus peel paired with a sweet candy flavor on the inhale and a sharp, zesty hit of gas on the back end, this one definitely hits different under the Humboldt sun.

A powerful and pungent cross of Last OG x Gelato 41, SoHum Royal’s Cry Baby is a certified heavy hitter that will have you zoned out on the couch letting all your worries disappear.

Cultivated for connoisseurs and priced to smoke, Cookies Humboldt Grown is California fire at its finest from Emerald Triangle OGs, and Sean Stamm and his family at SoHum Royal are one-of-a-kind masters at their craft.

Grab an eighth of Cry Baby today and taste the sun-grown difference.