Cultivar & Grower Spotlights

Grower Spotlight - Barrett Farms

Bagging up sunshine.

A new generation of Humboldt heavyweights guided by a lifelong passion for the plant, sustainable agriculture, and free-spirited fun. High above the fog, 3,000 feet up in the Humboldt hills, Barrett Farms co-founders Mariam and Dashiell spend countless hands-on hours selecting unique phenotypes and growing boutique sun-grown cannabis, all with their trusty canine companion - and company namesake - Barrett by their side. At Barrett Farms, the greenhouses are watered from an on-site well, powered by solar energy, and harvested in the middle of the night to preserve terps and flavinoids.

This harvest season, Barrett dropped sun-soaked batches of three of our current favorite strains - Bernie Hana Butter, Gelatti, and Adios Mother Fucker, available now at Cookies and Lemonnade stores across California.

Adios Mother Fucker - or AMF for short - is an exotic cultivar in every sense of the word, crossing (Biscotti x Sherb) x Jealousy f2. At Barrett Farms, AMF grew to perfection with a little help from the Humboldt heat, producing gorgeous buds that shine with trichomes and smack you in the face with the complex aroma of candied lime, blueberry jam, and marshmallows that translates to a sublime flavor of fresh berries and cream topped with lime zest. This batch of Barrett-grown AMF is a heavy hitter, so expect a strong body high and a smile-inducing mood boost.

Gelatti is a classic staple in the Cookies lineup and the Barrett team took it to the next level. Crossing an unnamed Gelato pheno and South Florida OG, Gelatti is all gas out of the bag with hints of menthol and a lingering classic Gelato funk. Flavor is OG and menthol with musky gas on the front end and some sweetness on the exhale for an unforgettable whole-body bliss.

Bernie Hana Butter also found a very happy home at Barrett Farms, producing some of the season’s loudest buds. A fire cross of (Jetfuel Gelato x Guava) x (Blue Cookies x Oreoz), this batch of Bernie Hana reeks of creamy, funky fuel and floral berries with a mouth-watering buttery jasmine flavor that finishes with berries and gas on the back end for a melt into the couch calm and relaxing body high.

Stop by Cookies and Lemonnade stores throughout California and grab an eighth of all three to taste, smoke, and feel the Barrett Farms vibes.